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Family Values

There has been a lot of talk lately about types of mothers.  Are you a Tiger Mother?  A Western Mother?  A Wimp Mother?  All of the talk, the criticism of mothering-types, and the declarations of values led me to wonder where I fit on the spectrum.  What values am I imparting - consciously or unwittingly?

At the beginning of the process, I have to admit that I wondered whether I actually had any values to articulate.  Frequently, especially at the beginning, I felt like I was not making values-based decisions but was just getting by.  (See e.g., I describe myself as a momma in training -- not a woman in charge -- and certainly not a woman with a clear set of values guiding my parenting decisions).  Then I realized that I had spent a lot of time thinking about my motherhood through the lens of my childhood.  My own feelings about what I liked (and probably more about what I didn't like) about growing up informed a very substantial part of my approach to parenting.  Last, and on a less myopic note, I looked to friends' choices and the advice I could read in the limitless variety of parenting books, magazines, and - yes - blogs.

When I told my husband about this post and my values-evaluation, he told me that the following are his sources for his parenting values [and I believe that they are in order of importance]:  
  1. Ninja movies; 
  2. Survival shows [e.g., Man vs. Wild]; and 
  3. America's Test Kitchen.
So we have all that going for us, which is nice.

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