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music appreciation

Bug has shown a keen interest in all things stringed-instrument lately.  He points out guitars whenever he sees them - on building blocks, in books, at parks.  He sometimes asks to see my violin, and we talk about the parts of the instrument, including the tuners.  When he got excited about an autoharp at his grandparents' house, we talked about the strings, the chords, and the tuners.  He also likes the banjo, and if a book has even one picture of a banjo, Bug will find that page and say, "Banjo!"

Two nights ago, while I was holding Bug and singing his lullabies before putting him to bed, he put both hands on my collar bone and said, "Tuners!"  

Unsure if I had heard him correctly, I asked, "[Bug,] did you just say 'tuners'?"  
 He smiled his sneakiest smile and repeated, "Tuners! Tuners!" 

This morning, while I was holding Bug in the kitchen and getting his breakfast ready, he (again) put both hands on my collar bone and said, "Tuners!"  

I laughed and asked, "Are you calling my collar bones tuners?!?"  

He laughed right back and repeated, "Tuners!"  

Then, he smiled that sneaky smile again, put his hands on my head, and said, "Banjo!"

Thoroughly pleased with himself and his joke, he started cracking up.  As did his Banjo-head-momma.