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We are here.  On the other side of the move.  I haven't been able to process much of anything lately.  But I decided that if I don't chronicle this insanity, I may elect voluntarily to do it again.  

Right now, Bug is yelling, screaming, shouting from his room, from his doorway, from the hall.  His latest phrase, "I'm tired!  I'm tired!  I'm tired!"  It is eight thirty post meridiem.  He should be tired.  He hasn't had a normal bedtime in weeks (months?).  

In the last few weeks:
  • I hugged and kissed my husband goodbye for a few days.
  • To be clear, when I write that I "hugged" my husband goodbye, I mean that I gripped him and wouldn't let go and buried my head in his neck and wondered if I could squeeze out some part of his strength to take with me.  
  • I drove Bug and Squish away from our home in Brooklyn knowing that we would not come back.  The only home that the two of them have ever known.  The only place where I have been their mom.  
  • Bug and I said goodbye to New York.
  • Bug reminded me that we were driving to Boston, and that we were going on an adventure.
  • And that it was so exciting.
  • After our rest-stop at the halfway point, we got back on the road.
  • Squish screamed bloody murder.
  • Twelve minutes later I pulled off the highway.
  • As soon as I got to the stop sign at the end of the off-ramp, Squish was silent again.
  • We turned around in the parking lot of a restaurant comme book store - or maybe book store comme restaurant.  
  • Eighty minutes later, we arrived at a hotel in a suburb of Boston.
  • My mom joined us in a hotel suite.
  • I started my new job the next morning.
  • My mom watched Bug and Squish at the hotel.
  • Repeat times three.
  • My husband finished his last day teaching at his middle school.
  • He had his suitcase stolen at Penn Station when he stepped away for one minute to start to catch the train to Boston.
  • He missed his train while he was trying to find the suitcase and alerting New York's finest to the theft.
  • New York's finest directed him to lost and found.
  • I went to a store to buy him clothes and toiletries for the week.
  • He got to Boston around 10:30pm.
  • The next morning, my mom left.
  • The next morning, my husband watched Bug and Squish at the hotel.
  • Repeat times two.
  • Friday afternoon, the four of us went to see a daycare center for Bug and Squish.  It looked great.
  • Yes, Friday afternoon.
  • My new job has "summer Fridays."
  • I thought they were an urban legend, but now I live to tell the tale.
  • They are awesome.
  • Friday evening, we went to sign the lease for our new apartment.
  • I read that we are only allowed to use one air conditioner in the entire apartment.
  • I called the landlord.
  • He confirmed.
  • I signed the lease and hope for the best.
  • The next morning, our friend went to our apartment in Brooklyn to meet the movers who are packing the moving truck that day.
  • Our friend earned our undying appreciation.
  • Our friend needed relief.
  • Our other friend stepped in.
  • Our other friend -- and the additional friends who offered their time -- earned our undying appreciation.
  • We spent our last day at the hotel in the suburbs.
  • The next morning, we packed and left the hotel.
  • We went to our new apartment.
  • We waited for the movers who were supposed to arrive with the truck between 8 and 9 am.
  • I got a call from the movers letting me know they will arrive closer to 11am.
  • I got mad.
  • The movers arrived and unloaded the truck into our new apartment.
  • One of my husband's brothers and his girlfriend brought us food for lunch and played with Bug and Squish.
  • They already had our love, but now they also have undying appreciation.
  • The next morning, I went to work again.
  • My husband watched Bug and Squish.
  • Repeat times four.  
  • We went to Maine to see family.
  • I met the newest addition to the family.  The lovely and talented, Ms. Munchkin, sister to Sweet Dino.
  • Bug and Sweet Dino play like crazy.
  • Squish and Ms. Munchkin look at each other.
  • Squish tries to grab Ms. Munchkin's face.
  • She demurred.
  • We went back to our new apartment.
  • The next morning, I went to work again.
  • My husband watched Bug and Squish.
  • Repeat times four.
  • We spent the weekend making our new apartment more livable. 
  • I went to work this morning.
  • Bug and Squish went to their new "school."
  • Smashing success.
  • Squish ate, drank, and slept.
  • Bug ate, slept, and played.
Now, Bug may or may not be asleep on the floor.  At least all is quiet.

Does that sound familiar?  Tired of all the posts about sleep?  Wondering if I have anything else to contribute to the Amazing Mommy Conversation?

Well... of course it sounds familiar.  I imagine it will be a subject I write about until I start getting enough sleep.  

If are posts about sleep are the only thing making you tired, then you live a charmed life, friend.

Stay tuned.  I may or may not be able to write a future post about how it felt to go from maternity leave with Squish until he was five months old to part-time so I could be home with Squish on Fridays until he was eight months old to working fifty hours a week.  

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