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This morning, I tried to find a sports-team-themed shirt for Bug to wear to "school" because the theme for the entire daycare today was to wear your favorite team's colors or jersey.

Rifling through his drawers, I couldn't find anything.  No matter.  Bug saw his dinosaur t-shirt and adamantly insisted that he wear that shirt.  So he did.

Squish, not quite developmentally ready to choose his clothes, accepted the Ohio State onesie so long as he was able to continue to pull himself up onto his feet and creep along the wall - a new skill he is very proud of.

I tried one last time to convince Bug.  I asked if he would want to wear an Ohio State shirt to match Squish - Squish in scarlet, Bug in grey. 

The answer was basically, "It's the dinosaur shirt or nothing, Momma."

So off we went. 

Squish in Ohio State gear but oblivious to peer clothing choices. 

Bug in a dino shirt. 

I dropped Squish in his baby room and started the process of dropping my bug.  Soon teachers were complimenting all of the other little ones whose parents successfully dressed them in their favorite team gear (all of it related to a particular baseball team -- rhymes with We Hate The Schmankees).

Again, organized fun not exactly our strong suit as a family. 

I left wondering if I should have insisted that Bug wear some kind of sports clothing.  Or was my mistake much longer in the making?  Should I have been championing a sports team by dressing him up since Day One? 
I guess, if anyone asks, our family cheers for the Buckeyes and for Team Dino.

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