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the circus

As we were finally nearing the door this morning to get to daycare/preschool/work, I had Bug but no Squish.

"[Squish], time to go... come on to the door, please..."

Nothing.  Then I heard some banging around in the bathroom.

I left Bug at the front door and went in search of Squish the Rascal.

I found him in the bathroom, toddling around with the scale in his hands.  The scale is Squish's second favorite new thing - second only to his toothbrush.  Squish loves brushing his nine-ish teeth like no one I have ever seen.  He protests and cries every time I take his toothbrush away even as I remind him that he will, in fact, have the chance to brush again in no fewer than twelve hours.

What makes brushing teeth even better?

Standing on a scale while brushing said teeth.

So, it came as no big surprise when I found my Squish toddling around the bathroom with the scale. 

"Okay, [Squish].  Thank you for carrying around the scale.  Now let's go get [Bug] and go to school."

Squish and I went to the front door to leave. 

There was Bug, standing in the doorway, moving his arm in giant circles so that his piece of dental floss would twirl in the air. 

Earlier in the morning, when the three of us were brushing our teeth, Bug had been distracted by some dental floss.  As he was pulling a long thread from the dispenser, and as I tried to take it away - accusing him of potential waste - he demanded that I at least give him the piece he had pulled already.  I acquiesced.  He declared that this floss was "like a long, long, long tail," which is a reference to the mightiest of dinosaurs and very high praise.

So, our little circus left the apartment this morning having enjoyed time carrying a scale around the bathroom, twirling a dinosaur tail made of dental floss, and ready for whatever else this rainy Wednesday has to offer.

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