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First work trip post-pumpkin

I woke up at 5 today.  Not to calls from any of my children.  But to pump so that I could get on a 7 am flight to Chicago.

And I did it. 

I pumped. 
I got dressed in work clothes that almost fit (mostly because the pants have an elastic waist and are technically maternity pants). 
I kissed my sleeping husband goodbye.
I whispered I love you to Bug and Squish sleeping peacefully together in their bottom bunk.
I wanted to go into Pumpkin's room and give her a big snuggle, but I knew better than to wake a sleeping baby.
I walked past Pumpkin's door.
I drove to the airport.
I watched an interesting group dynamic unfold at the gate when the pilot asked that passengers board the plane back to front (meaning those who usually get treated to early boarding would not get their treats this morning).
Those who would not get their treats threw a stink.
The gate agents publicly shamed them.
The pilot came out to speak to them.
I eventually boarded the plane.
I arrived in Chicago.
I ate a crepe and had an insanely overpriced (but delicious - crazy delicious) beet juice concoction.
I came back to my hotel room to pump before my meetings today.

I realized that I forgot to pack the power cord for my pump.

I cannot wait to get home tomorrow.

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