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The other day, a colleague was looking through a deck of cards on my desk.  The cards are flashcards with business lingo on them.  She was shuffling through them and came to "Work-Life Balance." 

She looked at me and asked, "Do you think there's a reason that card came up first?  Is that issue on your mind right now?"

I laughed and said, "Oh that issue is always on my mind - wherever it is in the deck."

Today, I am working from home.  Not because anyone in my family is sick.  Not because I am waiting for someone to arrive at some point within a six-hour window to repair something or deliver something or haul something away.  I am working from home for work-related reasons. 

It is awesome.

This morning, Bug rode his scoot-bike, Squish was bundled in the stroller, and we took the bike path to daycare/school.  It was a slow commute punctuated by comments from the ever-observant Bug: "Hey - look out!  There's lion poop on the bike path!" 

The drop-off process was relaxed.  I felt no pressure to get back to the car, to drive to work, to get to my cubicle.  (Yes, cubicle.)

I walked back home to start my work, and the walk was wonderful.  Every day should start with a fifteen to twenty minute walk, if not two of them. 

While I often struggle with much larger questions about my career, what I want for myself, what I want for my family, and how all of that fits together, today, there is no struggle.  Today, I feel the balance, and I am looking forward to the walk home down the bike path with my Bug and my Squish. 

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