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Two days ago, a (male) colleague asked me why I left my law firm.  After a bit of rambling, I found myself, sans filter: "It was hard to be a woman, a married woman, and then a woman who was having children.  Things started to get ... I didn't like the way certain people's biases were playing out."

Yesterday, I woke up and thought to myself, "Today, I will not let my inner radical feminist go unfiltered at work.  I will remember [that CEO] who has said that she never noticed having been the only woman in her upper-level classes in college.  I will remember [that other CEO] who wore a pink blazer to the masters.  I will let my success be my roar."

Today, I woke up in a state that elected its first female senator and in a country that elected 20 women to the Senate - the highest number in US history.

Thank you, my country.  I feel so much better now.

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