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How to Ask Your Mother Rude Questions:

Well, if you can pick up a copy of this week's New Yorker, or if you want to subscribe online, then I recommend without reservation Tina Fey's piece about working motherhood.  It is smart and funny - i.e., par for her course.  Enjoy!


Cognitive Dissonance And Pre-School: Part One

Recently, I learned a bit about cognitive dissonance and self-justification, and I could go on for many, many posts about examples of both in my life, but here I focus on pre-school.

Did you, or did you not, write recently about your child's first birthday?  
Do you, or do you not, still refer to your child as "Baby" on this blog?

Yes, I did.  
And, for as long as I can, yes, I do.

But I live in New York, and pre-school is a Thing here.  It is exciting and wonderful, but it also requires research, tours, applications, at least one (albeit very brief) expository writing sample, and a deep, deep reserve of patience.

Here is the dissonance: