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Valentine's Day 2012.  Bug's first Valentine's Day in a classroom.  Leading up to the big day, I started to wonder about getting his classmates little Valentine cards that would be from the Bug.  I hemmed and hawed.  I asked my husband if he thought it would be inappropriate.  He said not as long as each classmate received a card.

So I went to my neighborhood Big Box Pharmacy That Also Sells Make-Up, Junk Food, "Seasonal Items," and Stationery.  I tried to find the part of the store that had what I assumed would be a large and varied collection of packs of Valentines for kids.



Now that we have started the new year, I have been thinking regularly about my return to work. For various reasons, most of which are financial, I plan on going back to the office on March 1.  And so the preparations - logistical, mental, and emotional - begin.

The logistics are not settled yet - but they should be soon enough.

Mental preparations are going to require some exercises to get my brain back in shape.  I had to think long and hard the other morning about what seven times seven is.  When the answer did not arrive automatically, I thought,