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Special Agent Dos (a.k.a. The Little Squish) arrived safe and sound at 2:23 a.m. on Monday, October 10, 2011.  

Labor and delivery went well.  (Notably, in the early stages of labor, my water broke on Clinton Avenue about a block from our apartment.  Left with no alternative, I walked home feeling like I was living one of those anxiety dreams I've heard about where you show up naked to school.)

Life with Little Squish has been great so far.  During the days, though, I developed a list of priorities for myself:

(1) Eat
(2) Sleep
(3) Hygiene (brush teeth / shower / wash hair . . . in that order of importance)
(4) Clean.

Yesterday, I managed to get through the first two, and I think I brushed my teeth.

Today, I have already completed the first three - including having washed my hair.  A day without a migraine is so much more productive.


The Great Divide

I spent all day yesterday trying to get the birthing party for Special Agent Dos started.  I cleaned Bug's room and re-organized his wardrobe to make room for all things 0-3 months.  I dusted.  I organized the linen closet.  I walked a mile to buy a shower curtain and then a mile home.  I ate all the spicy parts of my green papaya salad with my Thai take-out dinner. 

Then, around 10pm, Bug woke up crying.  


With Toddlers The Days Are Long, But The Jokes Are Hilarious

Last week, Bug turned two.  

7:15am - Bug wakes up, and I teach him how old he is.     
"[Bug], how old are you?"  
"How old are you today?"  
"Two!!!! [hahahahahahaha]"

7:25am - I suggest we leave the Bug's room to get the breakfast routine started.  In the living room, I see that I have thirteen work emails that must have arrived between 11pm and 7:25am.  (Normally, I have about 0-2 emails waiting for me when I wake up.)  I sit down to find out what all the fuss is about.  As I am distracted by Email #3, I hear the Bug running down the hallway and into the living room.  He hides out of my sight behind the couch, and I hear "Rarrrr!"  Then I see two little eyes peeking at me from behind the couch.  As soon as I look up, down goes the little head, and I hear "Rarrrrrrr!!" as he runs back down the hallway.  The Birthday Monster has arrived.