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quiet mind

I keep trying to think of a post that will be witty, entertaining, and hilarious . . . but then end on a tender note.  Just keep racking my brain.  My poor, spazzy little brain.

Folks, not much is coming.  Moving is one of those things that I readily acknowledge is a stressful life event, but that I also believe should not stress me out for longer than about a week.


here we are

We are here.  On the other side of the move.  I haven't been able to process much of anything lately.  But I decided that if I don't chronicle this insanity, I may elect voluntarily to do it again.  

Right now, Bug is yelling, screaming, shouting from his room, from his doorway, from the hall.  His latest phrase, "I'm tired!  I'm tired!  I'm tired!"  It is eight thirty post meridiem.  He should be tired.  He hasn't had a normal bedtime in weeks (months?).  

In the last few weeks: