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Violin Baby

Tonight, Baby seemed interested in my violin case.  So for about five minutes before his bath, I opened the case and got out the violin.  

I have not played my violin in earnest in at least a couple of years.  The G string is broken and hanging off of the violin like a cowlick.  The D, A, and E strings were all loose and wobbly - I tightened and "tuned" them while I let Baby play around with my spare bow (which, incidentally, looks like it might be the same fiberglass bow that I started using when I was in the third grade).  

While Baby held the bow, I plucked the strings.  He was interested.  Then I pulled the bow across the strings to play a few notes, and Baby was genuinely impressed.  Eyes wide; eyebrows raised.  For the crowning achievement of our mini music exploration time, I had Baby hold the bow on the strings while I pulled the violin away so that he was the one making sound.  He was doubly impressed.  

Then it was time for the bath.  Baby looked down at the empty space where I was about to put the violin.  The inside of the violin case is lined in soft, velvety material and would look inviting to anyone - but especially so to those under three feet tall.  So without much ado, Baby climbed into the case and tried to lie down and get comfortable as if he were my little violin.  


COMMUNITY NEWS: Children's Yoga in Clinton Hill

I just got the following info about a new Clinton Hill location (and a grand opening party!) for Bija Kids Yoga . . .  

Grand Opening Party for our NEW! Clinton Hill Location
The first Brooklyn studio devoted exclusively to children's yoga!

900 Fulton Street btwn Waverly and Washington Avenues.
Sunday April 10
10am - 3pm

Free children's yoga sessions, concert with Michael of Preschool of Rock, Food and Drink, Chair Massages for Grown Ups and More.

10% Discounts off all spring class registrations, summer camp, teacher trainings and birthday parties on Sunday April 10.

Bija Kids Yoga is a comprehensive children's yoga program for crawlers - age 9.  We offer classes, birthday parties, teacher trainings, workshops, summer camp and more.  In addition our new home at 900 Fulton Street will offer music classes, art classes, French classes and more to support families in our community.  Conveniently located on the same block as the C Train (3 blocks from the G) our beautiful 2500 square foot studio space is the place for kids yoga in Brooklyn.  Location doesn't work for you?  We offer satellite classes throughout Brownstone Brooklyn.  Licensing Opportunities Available.


COMMUNITY NEWS: Parenting, Pizza, and Political Action - March 14

Brooklyn parents,

I just got an email about the following event . . . it looks very interesting.

EVENT: Parenting, Pizza & Political Action on 3/14!

You know that parenting is hard work, but did you know . . .

• That new parents in California and New Jersey get paid leave, but state lawmakers have failed to pass paid family leave in New York?
• That half of public school parents in New York City don’t have any paid sick days to care for their kids (your child’s classmates)?
• That pregnancy discrimination and unfair treatment of mothers at work is on the rise in New York?
• That part-time workers, disproportionately women, are routinely denied access to fair pay and benefits?
• That in New York City, the cost of child care is increasing $1612 per year?

New York parents are invited to
speak out!

You may be tired . . . but we’re all sick and tired of politicians who talk about family values but don’t value our families.

Old First Reformed Church
729 Carroll Street
(corner of 7th Ave.)
Monday March 14th, 2011

Join other parents to let our public officials know that supporting families is good for workers, good for business, and good for our economy.
Release of “Failing our Families,” a new report from Human Rights Watch, Presentation of A Better Balance’s Working Families Bill of Rights, speak out moderated by Ann Crittenden—author of The Price of Motherhoodand information on campaigns around paid leave that are going on right now.

Bring your kids and join us for free pizza and political action!

Please RSVP by visiting A Better Balance’s events page on Facebook or by sending an email to ABBevents [at]

Sponsored by: A Better Balance, Human Rights Watch, and the New York State Paid Family Leave Coalition
Co-Sponsors: Center for Children’s Initiatives, Park Slope Parents, Public Health Association of New York City, Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York, Women of Color Policy Network, The What to Expect Foundation, Working Families Party, NYC Dad’s Group, National Physicians Alliance - NY


The Boss of Me

We have been brushing Baby's teeth in the evening after the bath for many months now.  At first my husband and I would hold Baby up so that he could see the mirror and sing a song (a singable song for the very young) while one of us brushed the two or three teeth to Baby's name.  Eventually, the song got old, and Baby asserted some independence - taking the toothbrush and doing the work on his own.  Nowadays, the routine has morphed into an occasional mini-battle that ends with the toothbrush thrown on the floor to let us know exactly who is the Boss Baby around here.  

This evening, before the mini-battle could begin, I thought I would try letting Baby brush his own teeth while standing on his own - which is how he brushes his teeth in the mornings with a high success rate.  I brought the toothbrush down to him while he stood in his yellow duck towel.  He spent the next minute or two using the wrong end of the toothbrush in his mouth in what seems to be his budding comedy career.

So, I thought it might help if I brushed my teeth while he brushed his - which is how the morning routine works with that aforementioned "high success rate."  I grabbed my own toothbrush and started brushing. He kept reaching for my brush.  I kept saying, "this is Momma's toothbrush - that is [Baby's] toothbrush."  Baby still grabbed for my toothbrush.  Eventually, I acquiesced . . . which led to Baby brushing my teeth with my toothbrush while I brushed his with his toothbrush.  Just in case I was wondering exactly who is the Boss Baby around here.