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Old Poll Results

How long should parental leave be?

66% of you believe that it should be 52 weeks, which might make you socialists, but you are okay with that because the "market" seems to put maternal health, family well-being, and the quality of our social fabric toward the bottom of its list of priorities.

33% of you believe it should be sixteen weeks.

Where is your (current) dream vacation?

50% of you want to go anywhere you can sleep.

50% of you want to go to Paris.

25% of you want to go to Mauritius, perhaps forever.

25% of you want to go to Piedmont (for the barolo).

What do you want to do that is worth paying for a babysitter?

66% of you want to go out for dinner and drinks with your lovie.

33% of you want to see a movie.

33% of you want to see some kind of performance.

33% of you do not need to pay for a babysitter because you are freewheeling and dealing fun machines without little kids.

What do you do just for yourself?

42% of you read The Superficial, and we will not judge any addictions to celebrity gossip.

28% of you run.

28% of you do none of the choices offered in this poll.

14% of you take long walks, take deep breaths, and remind yourselves to seek the joy of being alive.

14% of you blog.

How do you get around with your baby?

100% of your babies ride in a stroller.

How frequently do you get up at night?

66% of you wake up in the morning (which is a blessing).

16% of you get up once - quick, simple, then back to sleep for the whole family.

16% of you stay up all night because you do not have kids and you are party animals.