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Lesson? What lesson?

Santa gave Squish a toy cell phone, and Santa gave Bug a small robotic shark.

Early in the evening on Christmas, Bug wanted to play with Squish's toy cell phone.  He wanted to play with it very badly.  He tried to pry the toy from Squish's hands.  He started to yell for the toy.  As did Squish.

I intervened.


If you're up all night, does the sunrise really make it a new day?

This morning, around 7:45 am, as Bug, Squish, and I were getting ready to leave for the day, Bug had a fit.  He did not want to go to school.  He wanted to stay home.  He wanted my husband to appear magically transported from his job back at home. 

When we managed to get outside, about ten feet closer to the car and the ultimate goal of starting our "new" day, Bug looked at the melting snow in the yard and started to cry/yell: "I don't want the snow to melt!  I DON'T WANT THE SNOW TO MELT!"

Why was sweet Bug freaking out?


Should we just call this blog A Squish Loves Coffee Dot Blogspot Dot Com?

Friday morning, at my husband's parents' house, the second pot of coffee was brewing.  Coffee mugs were lined up at one end of the kitchen island.

Squish: "Is that coffee?!? [You may not know this, but I actually love coffee.]"

Saturday morning, at my husband's parents' house, the third pot of coffee was brewing.  Again, coffee mugs were clustered at one end of the island.

Squish: "Coffee?!?? [Some people say their first cup of coffee in the morning is the best.  But I actually like the third cup the best.  But . . . it's hard to have a third cup when you haven't had a first or a second cup yet.  Pass me a cup of coffee.  I'll catch up to you all with your Third Cups in no time.  Trust me.]

Saturday night, in my living room, a certain prequel about monsters in college was playing on the television.  The characters were enjoying drinking from mugs.

Squish: "Coffee???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????  COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Bug: "No.  That's hot cocoa."