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What if I . . .

This week, the Bug has been his usual complex, young self with all of the ups and downs that  naturally accompany being a self in this world.  Included in that complex, young self is a budding yet keen desire to test limits.  And lately, the moment before he tests those limits, he looks at me, smiles a sneaky smile, and his eyes actually sparkle a little -- all as if to say:


three little birds

When I was pregnant with The Fraggle Bug, my body grew and grew and grew (as did my dear Fraggle Bug).  Early in the second trimester, my doctor at the time gave me a little talk about my weight gain in the four weeks since I had last seen her.  What I took from our conversation were two warnings: 

Shameless Self-Promotion

A Momma Grows has been nominated to the Top 25 NYC Moms list at Circle of Moms.  You can vote once a day until July 7, 2011.  While you do not have to vote early . . . voting often apparently is allowed.


COMMUNITY NEWS: DUMBO Stoop Sale - Saturday, June 18

 I just got a message about a DUMBO community sale (in coordination with with the DUMBO Improvement District, the DUMBO Parents Organization and Half Pint Citizens):
11 am - 4 pm
The Archway
(under the Manhattan Bridge)

If you are hoping to pick up gently used clothes, accessories, children’s toys, or books, please stop by.

If you are interested in selling some of your "extras," there are still tables available (and there is a discount for reservations made through Krrb).

(For more info, click here.)