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throw back night

"Is a two-month-old old enough to have a throw back night?"

Oh, I know this one!  Pick me!  I know, I know!!!



my chi moving

Leaving no stone unturned in my quest to get a handle on the migraine problem, I have seen an acupuncturist and a neurologist in the last month.


reaching for the sky

With the exception of the two weeks when my husband was home on paternity leave, I have been walking Bug to School every weekday for almost three months now.  Our morning walk has been a bright spot in my day since . .  .



A few years ago, I was having drinks with some colleagues.  One of those colleagues exclaimed, "Oh! You're from LeaveItToBeaverLand!!" when she discovered that I grew up in the same town where she went to college.  In response . . .