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Brought to you by Squish

In the rocking chair, drifting off to a nap this afternoon:

Squish: "When I get bigger, I'm going to have a baby."

Me: "Oh that's great, love.  What baby?"

Squish: "Baby Mateo."

Me: "That's nice.  What will Baby Mateo do?"

Squish: "Baby Mateo is a nice baby.  He cries."

Me: "Hmmmm... he cries?  Maybe he is tired."

Squish quiet - closing his eyes.

Squish: "He a nice baby ... alligator eats Baby Mateo."

Me: "Wow - an alligator eats your baby?!?"

Squish: "Yeah - snap!"

Me: "Hmmm.  Sounds dramatic."

Squish: "Eats me and [Bug]."

Me: "That alligator eats Baby Mateo, then you, and then [Bug]?!?"

Squish: "Yes.  Snaps that monkey right out of that tree."

1.78 seconds later, Squish sleeps in my arms.