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Cupcake Time

Today was Baby's First Birthday Party, and it was amazing.  We met up with friends and family in the park.  There were balloons, toys, sidewalk chalk drawings, cider, cookies, cupcakes, mac&cheese, and smokey greens.  Today - September 25 - it was sunny and 82 degrees.  The whole day was amazing from the clear blue, sunny sky to the group of loved (and loving - so, so loving) ones celebrating with us to the reason for the celebration itself.  What else was amazing?  Hmmmm, let's see... maybe it was watching Baby eat his first cupcake.   I think I can break it down into the following three steps:

1.  Upon presentation of cupcake, plant face on top of cupcake and vacuum up ninety percent of the frosting;

2.  Wait the forever amount of time (i.e., four seconds) that it takes Momma-In-Training to remove the cupcake liner, and put one-half of the cupcake into mouth -- if and when that half of the cupcake does not fit in mouth, use hand to keep cupcake from falling out, chew what fits in mouth, simultaneously push the rest of the cupcake into mouth;

3.  Second half into mouth - scooping crumbs up while chewing.

Steps One through Three lasted about four minutes and surprised every single person at the party.  It was like Baby got a secret message from other babies letting him in on the joy of cupcakes.  Or, perhaps more accurately, Baby remembered his very regular supply of cupcakes In Belly and already knew the joy of cupcakes and had been waiting over a year for me to get him one already.  Whatever it was, it was amazing and a true joy.

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