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Violin Baby

Tonight, Baby seemed interested in my violin case.  So for about five minutes before his bath, I opened the case and got out the violin.  

I have not played my violin in earnest in at least a couple of years.  The G string is broken and hanging off of the violin like a cowlick.  The D, A, and E strings were all loose and wobbly - I tightened and "tuned" them while I let Baby play around with my spare bow (which, incidentally, looks like it might be the same fiberglass bow that I started using when I was in the third grade).  

While Baby held the bow, I plucked the strings.  He was interested.  Then I pulled the bow across the strings to play a few notes, and Baby was genuinely impressed.  Eyes wide; eyebrows raised.  For the crowning achievement of our mini music exploration time, I had Baby hold the bow on the strings while I pulled the violin away so that he was the one making sound.  He was doubly impressed.  

Then it was time for the bath.  Baby looked down at the empty space where I was about to put the violin.  The inside of the violin case is lined in soft, velvety material and would look inviting to anyone - but especially so to those under three feet tall.  So without much ado, Baby climbed into the case and tried to lie down and get comfortable as if he were my little violin.  

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