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Tale of Two Mornings

Yesterday, the Get Ready To Leave Process felt like it was actually a battle of wills between me and Bug.  I'm not sure exactly how many times I said, "Please use your big boy voice," but I'm sure the number pales in comparison to how many times I said, "Please stop using the whiny voice!" 

I was not my best self yesterday.  At one point, I left the kitchen (a.k.a. the staging area for our departure out the back door), walked to the front of the apartment to get a pair of shoes or some other practical and necessary item, and I just kept walking . . . out the front door and onto the front porch.

I shut the door behind me.  I stood there and took several deep breaths in the silence of the morning on our street.

I went back inside only after I was sure I could take another five minutes.  

Today, there were no battles.  Everything was calm.  Bug liked every single item of clothing I picked for him.  He was even willing to wear a pair of shoes that were not rainboots.  Bug and Squish enjoyed a special picnic breakfast of frozen waffles on the kitchen floor with some toys.  The three of us were relaxed and easy together today.

I even had the presence of mind to dress Squish in a veritable Outfit.  And when the ladies at daycare praised the Outfit, I accepted the praise as if I had been voted, "Most Improved Momma."

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