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Tonight, I am watching the American Country Awards and eating a dinner of leftover vegetable tempura (take-out) and crispy orange beef (homemade) with a beer.

My husband is out with one of his brothers watching football tonight.

So, I am engaging in what one iconic television show dubbed secret single behavior (ssb).  It's not just the fried foods, it's the "awards" show, and it's country music. 

It's completely luxurious. 

Sure, my evening has been interrupted about three times by my favorite Bug.  So far, he has moved from my bed to his bed to my bed and back to his bed again.  I imagine he will move one more time within the next three to four hours.  

So it goes.

Next up in my night of ssb, I might fold laundry while I watch a certain soapy show about a certain doctor and her various dramatic friends in Seattle.

Look out - things are getting crazy here in Arlington.

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  1. Ok, that does it. We need to get serious about planning an entire weekend full of ssb. Together.