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BOOK REVIEW - Tuke: The Specialist Turtle

Tuke: The Specialist Turtle, by Jim Ritterhoff and Melissa Tomjanovich, with illustrations  by Tory Novikova

Bug found this book in the living room and immediately started to review it himself.  He looked at every page, fascinated by the colorful illustrations of sea creatures living around a coral reef in the Caribbean.  

Bug: "There's a sea turtle!"

Bug: "There's an octopus!  Did you know an octopus has stingers?!?"

Bug: "Look at all these rays!  Can a stingray sting you, too?!?"

Bug: "A whale!"

So, we sat down and read the words in the book, too.

Tuke, a cute little turtle, struggles to find acceptance from the other creatures in his sea home.  He gets picked up by some researchers and then returns to the sea, continuing his quest for praise and love.

Will he or any other creature ever realize how special he really is?



But I will let you read the book to find out how.

This book is worth checking out for its illustrations and the valuable message about the importance of sea life and conservancy.  The writing is, at times, a little awkward in its attempts to maintain a rhythm and rhyme.  But, for what it's worth, Bug loves the book and wanted to take it everywhere we went last weekend.

*Chowder, Inc. provided me a copy of this book to review.*

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