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I fly on planes

This morning, while I was eating breakfast with Bug and Squish, Bug said, "I am going to work!"

Then Squish said, "I am getting on a plane!"

At which point, they both laughed and laughed and started repeating their little mantra about going to work and getting on a plane over and over and over.

After I dropped the two goofballs off at daycare/preschool, I got on a plane for the fourth work trip in four weeks.

To be clear, I am slowly unraveling and saying things to Bug's Pre-K teacher like, "See you in a couple days!  Unless I quit, and then I guess I'll see you again tomorrow! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa!"

But I have two silver linings.

First, I get to see a dear friend while I am on this trip to Atlanta.

Second, my travel has become a source of material for The Bug and Squish Comedy Hour - which is far better than my sorry little momma heart would have believed before this morning.

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