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Bright spot

When I wasn't checking social media for answers today, I was wrangling the boys.  

Into swim clothes
To swim lessons (Squish went; Bug abstained)
Out of swim clothes 
Into the car after Pumpkin started to go berzerk in her stroller on the playground 
Up the stairs to our front door
And so on and so forth

In the afternoon we decided to go to the grocery store for chocolate chips so that we could make cookies.  

More wrangling. 

Then in the middle of it all, Bug started singing a silly song while he danced in a circle around me.  

In my arms, Pumpkin was entranced.  She loved his song and dance and started to laugh. Her sweet, five-month-old belly laugh.  

I looked down to my right, and Squish was sitting cross-cross-applesauce with his palms facing upward meditating.  

That was my favorite moment today.  Absurd and light filled.   And I am  grateful for it.  

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