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Rainbow dash

"I want to whisper something in your ear," Squish told me as Bug and my husband were leaving for Kindergarten this morning.

I bent down to listen.

"I am going to squish Rainbow Dash," Squish whispered.

I suggested that it wasn't very nice to squish people.  Squish corrected me on two points: (1) Rainbow Dash is not a person - she is a pony; and (2) she is not real.

Fair enough.  I decided to let his imagination work its magic while I nursed Pumpkin before taking them both to school today.

The three of us made our way upstairs so I could nurse and rock Pumpkin, and I had suggested that Squish look at books on my bed.

When I checked on Squish before I settled in with Pumpkin, I saw him sitting on my bed, criss-cross-applesauce, staring at the wall ahead of him.

"[Squish], you don't want to read books this morning?"

"I am training to fight Rainbow Dash!"

"Oh . . . okay.  I'll be nursing [Pumpkin] in the rocking chair, if you need me."

Soon Squish came into Pumpkin's room and started pounding on the walls.  He put his face up to the wall and called, "Rainbow Dash!  Come out!!"

After Rainbow Dash failed to appear, Squish turned around and said he wanted some rain.

"Rain?" I asked.

"I need rain to go into the hole in the wall and get her," he explained matter of factly.

Of course.

Next, Squish got his toy turtle with a shell that lights up stars and the moon on the ceiling.  He put it against the wall and set the turtle to blue light: "Come out, Rainbow Daaaaaash . . . I have your favorite color here.  Bluuuuuuue."

No Rainbow Dash.

Squish turned and asked, "Can you saw the wall?"

I said I didn't want to saw the wall.

"Why?  Because there are monsters in there?!?" he asked.

"There are no monsters in there.  I just want to keep the wall nice, bud.  Instead of finding a way into the wall, why don't you see if you can get her to come out?"

Squish grabbed a plush baby book, and he put the page that has a big red heart on the wall to try to coax Rainbow Dash out for their battle.  Classic bait and switch tactic.

No Rainbow Dash.

"I think I need a flashlight.  Can you get me a flashlight?"

"Sorry - I have my hands full [of a nursing baby] right now."

"Could you put your phone on the wall?" Squish asked.

"My phone?"

"Yes - to bring her out!"

Again, I used the hands-full excuse.

Squish came closer and whispered to Pumpkin, "You have a job, [Pumpkin].  You can call Rainbow Dash because she's a girl."

Pumpkin continued to nurse and was unavailable to help Squish.

Squish picked up a sock and walked back to the wall, "Maybe a smelly sock!!!"

A few minutes later, the three of us were downstairs getting ready to leave for the day. 

As Squish was putting on his socks, and as I was packing our bags for the day, he said to me, "She's not real - she's in the TV!!!!!"

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