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long time, no post

Well, there was that time I set a goal of writing a daily blog post for each day that polls were open to vote for A Momma Grows as a Top 25 Family Blog...

And then there were the following four weeks.

Work turned inside out and upside down and got really real.

Simultaneously, there was the week when Bug was home sick on Monday and Tuesday, and Squish was home sick on Thursday and Friday.

The following week, Squish was home sick on Wednesday and Thursday.

This week, Bug was home sick on Monday.  That was yesterday.  The day I left for a work trip. 

Not good.  Not good at all. 

But, as with many of the hard times, there have been plenty of moments of the kind of absurdity that brings me back to Earth.

Such as this past Sunday morning.  I was sitting at the dining table, finished with breakfast but still enjoying my coffee.  Squish climbed into my lap.  I was talking with my husband.  A pleasant, easy morning.

Squish leaned forward onto the table for a second.  While he did, I was playing with and mesmerized by his wild mop of curls.

Then he leaned back quickly and said, "Yuck!"

I looked at his face and saw coffee spilling out of his mouth.

Squish had taken a sip of my coffee. 

Not his first sip of coffee.  Not even his second. 

Never let it be said that Squish cannot move quickly when he sees his opening.

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