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throw back night

"Is a two-month-old old enough to have a throw back night?"

Oh, I know this one!  Pick me!  I know, I know!!!


Yes!  Yes he is!

My little Squish recently decided that instead of sleeping more at night, he will now be sleeping less.  And, like his one-month-old self, he would like to do that less-sleeping right next to me - or on top of me - or latched on to me.

So when the Squish refused to go to sleep on his own last night, I gave in and re-enacted our lives from one month ago.   I got him from his fussiness and pulled him onto the couch where my husband set me up with the remote, a couple of pillows, a bottle of water, a glass of wine, and a plate of Mexican take-out.  The Squish latched on and fell asleep almost immediately.  I ate with my left hand and tried not to laugh too loud while we watched the last third of a movie about a certain wolf pack in Vegas.

What about the Bug?

Oh, he had his own throw back night, too.  Around 9 o'clock, the Bug started calling for us from his bed. And not the kind of calling for us that sounded like, "Hey guys - could I have some water? Could you read me another story?  Could you sing me another, really long lullaby."  Nope.  This was the kind of calling for us that sounded, very simply, like what it was: "Mommy, Daddy, come!  I want Mommy, Daddy.  Mommy?  Daddy?"  So when my husband looked at me and asked if he should go into the Bug's room, I nodded yes (with a Squish on my chest and tears in my eyes).

Eventually, the Bug ended up in our bed, and when he wasn't flopping, kicking, pushing, or generally flailing between us, then the Squish was waking up for reasons not always clear (to nurse?  to cuddle?  to join the bed party?).  

Two steps forward, one step back.  One step forward, two steps back.  Life on The Spiral.  Old School.  Regressing.  Throw back night.  Growth spurt.  Whatever you call it, it is happening here, and it left all four of us exhausted this morning.  

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