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Hey, is that a truck book over there?

This morning, Bug and Squish and I were playing on the floor in the living room.

Squish pulled out a musical toy.  Squish seems to love musical toys and music in general.

Bug quickly turned his interest toward Squish and the musical toy.  Bug started playing with the musical toy.

Squish seemed not to notice.  He turned his interest toward the book shelf.  He picked up a book - a book about trucks.

Bug loves books and trucks and books about trucks. 

Excited at the possibility that Squish also loves books about trucks, I started to read the book.

Squish seemed excited for the first page.

Bug turned his attention to the book about trucks, too.

Once Bug was fully engaged with the truck story, Squish crawled to the abandoned musical toy and took it back.

That is one clever Squish.  One very clever little Squish.

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