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Women, the new Ohioans. (For the week anyway)

I want to write a blog post.  I really, really do.  Maybe something about making sure my Bug and my Squish maintain a balanced diet and get all of the nutrition they need.  Or something about work-life balance - I have plenty of thoughts to share on that one.  Or what about a little something about costumes, pumpkins, or candy. 

I cannot write any of those posts.

I am obsessed with watching the debate tonight. 

First, I missed the most recent debate and feel cheated (especially since I sat through the first one like some kind of dutiful civics student).

Second, the media frenzy about the women's vote has created some kind of positive feedback loop for me.  The more I hear about women voters, the more relevant I feel to the election.  The more relevant I feel to the election, the more I care about the election... and so on.

It's about to start...

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