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Lesson? What lesson?

Santa gave Squish a toy cell phone, and Santa gave Bug a small robotic shark.

Early in the evening on Christmas, Bug wanted to play with Squish's toy cell phone.  He wanted to play with it very badly.  He tried to pry the toy from Squish's hands.  He started to yell for the toy.  As did Squish.

I intervened.

Me: "[Bug], that is [Squish's] Christmas present.  Do you remember when it was your birthday and I wouldn't let [Squish] play with your new toys for a little while so that you could really enjoy your gifts?"

Bug: [silence] [staring at me, the incarnation of injustice]

Me: "Well, I want [Squish] to be able to enjoy his present for a little while.  I am not going to make him share or give you a turn right now."

Bug stomped away howling and furious.

I turned to my mom and actually started to say things like - "Well, sometimes I think they need to learn to share, and sometimes, I think they need to learn that not everything belongs to them."

My mom heartily agreed - "Right - because there will be things they cannot have in life!"

I was convinced that I had just taught both of my kids a difficult but necessary lesson.  At the height of this feeling of pride and accomplishment, I looked down to see Squish drop his toy cell phone and pick up Bug's special robotic shark.

Me: "[Squish], that is [Bug's] special toy.  I'm not sure he would want you to play with that right now.  [Plus, I just taught him that presents are so freaking special they don't have to be shared right away.]"

Bug appeared next to us, and I assumed Bug was ready to defend his property.

Squish asked Bug if he could play with the robotic shark.

Bug: "Sure.  Can I play with the phone?"

Squish: "Yeah."

Within four seconds, they were lying on the floor on their bellies, side-by-side, playing with the toys and talking together.

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