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movie night

Friday night is movie night - a tradition I might have been waiting to start just a little too enthusiastically.

Movie night means that Bug gets to do two things that are not part of the norm:
(1) watch a movie; and (2) eat dinner on the couch while he is watching a movie.

He chooses the same movie every week (which is good because we only own two movies that have been approved for Bug's viewing pleasure).

He gets to eat dinner while he watches the movie.  He does not have to practice asking to be excused (a recent addition to the meal-time routine), and he does not have to practice clearing his place (an even more recent addition to the meal-time routine).

Bug gets to relax on the couch with a warm blanket, holding his football, and eating from his plate of ravioli at his own - incredibly leisurely - pace.

Movie night is awesome.

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