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Tell me the story of...

This morning at breakfast with my Bug and my Squish, Bug looked up and asked me to tell him a story.

I said, "You want me to tell [not read] you a story?!?"

Bug replied, "Yeah.  Tell me the story about the dishwasher!"

Ah, The Story About The Dishwasher.  As I have noted earlier, my role as a guardian and custodian of our family history is one I take very seriously.  Little did I know, Bug would so appreciate a mildly dramatic tale about the dishwasher.  I first told him the story last week.  It was the end of a long day, and I was searching for a conversation starter with my two-year-old ... so I offered The Story About The Dishwasher.  Bug loved it immediately.  He asked me to repeat it at least three more times that evening.  A couple of nights later, he requested The Story About The Dishwasher as one of his bedtime stories.  I kid you not.

What is this amazing Story About The Dishwasher that has captivated my Bug?


One morning [last week], I had loaded up the dishwasher, poured in the detergent, and was ready to run it right before I took Bug and Squish out the door to start our day. 

When I tried to turn on the dishwasher, the buttons would not work!  The lights that normally turn on to show me the button I pushed is working did not turn on!  I thought the dishwasher was broken!

But because we had to go - and maybe because I can be a certain way [a certain procrastinating way] - I decided to leave the house and deal with it later.

So we left.  I took [Bug and Squish] to school, and I went to work.

In the middle of the day, I came home to take care of a few things [on my lunch break].

I ended up going back to the dishwasher and trying to get it to run again. 

I pushed all of the buttons, but none of them worked!

I looked inside the dishwasher to see if something was caught or getting in the way of the door closing fully.  Maybe the door wasn't closed properly and so the buttons wouldn't light up!

No luck.

I found a little sign inside the dishwasher telling me how to lock and unlock the dishwasher buttons.  So I wondered if the buttons were accidentally locked.  I tried to lock and unlock the buttons.

No luck!

After a few failed attempts, I let it go again.  I thought this will be annoying to deal with - better to deal with it later.

About ten minutes later I was doing something else

[i.e., running the disposal, which requires flipping a switch in the cupboard under the sink - a switch that I know Bug would become fascinated by, but that I have no interest in him ever touching - so this part of the story is cleverly disguised as, "doing something else"],

and I noticed a switch.  I wondered if the switch [a second switch - next to the disposal switch] could have anything to do with the dishwasher...

So I flipped the switch.

I went to the dishwasher to see if the buttons would light up ...

... and ...

they did!

Problem solved!  I figured it out.  The dishwasher was not broken.  I turned it on, ran the dishwasher and left to finish my day at work.

Yay, Mommy.

The End.

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